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Connected Studio #RRTECH

We have launched 3 generations of video gaming consoles, smartphones, touchscreen tablets, and rallied journalistic and fan communities to democratise products and boost sales. We are geeks!

Our expertise in the HIGH-TECH sector

From PS2 in 2000 to Escape Games in virtual reality, through to dashcams and body cameras or tablets, RevolutionR has been a close follower of every high-tech evolution.

A connected agency and a team at the cutting-edge of developing trends, we make your product central thanks to global press coverage and product launches that are creative, offbeat or simply matching your style.

With our thumbs well exercised and our brain cells fired up, the RevolutionR team is ready to produce striking and ground-breaking ideas to promote your products.










RevolutionR is well within the current trend when it comes to new technologies. Smartphones, touchscreen tablets, but also video gaming consoles and computing are among products that clients have trusted us with a budget to promote. We enjoy the confidence of leaders on these markets.

We carry web access in our pockets, we call up and take photos at the same time, and star in our own games . Progress made over the last 20 years is exponential and has altered for ever our consuming habits – indeed all habits.

The internet had already changed the playing field, but looking beyond network capacity, devices have in recent years gone through such rapid evolutions that it is now challenging for anyone except early adopters to keep up with them. RevolutionR has been fortunate to work alongside several market leaders and global brands on their way to success in all sectors related to new technologies, computing and the web.

We cannot live nowadays without a host of products that have become indispensable. This is due not only to their inner strengths, but also to the communication strategies that have supported their launch.


RevolutionR has therefore been able to witness this evolution from up close, being fully aware of its value.

Undeniably, our way of life has gradually been altered for ever by this new generation of devices, and their functionalities that reach out wider every year. Updates are as rapid as technological evolutions, and we almost need to stay abreast of the latest changes in real time to keep up with the pace. Smartphones perform ever better, wielding fascinating applications, ever more powerful game consoles, more comfortable and user-friendly computers, and the web almost has a say in every area of our lives.

This concerns all of us, whatever our profession or personal interests. We are all a part of this technological revolution that surrounds us, and whose novelties are always awaited with eager expectation.


RevolutionR has for many years contributed to making this evolution possible, promoting numerous products thanks to the trust of legendary high-tech firms (understood in its broad sense, of course). We have been able to bring our own contribution with important campaigns in this sector, and we are simply passionate about these evolutions, which improve our lives on every level. This is true for private individuals but also for professionals, and each category now has access to physical or virtual tools that are suited to their needs.


Over a period of 20 years, RevolutionR has been able to become intimately familiar with different customer targets according to their categorisation.

Marketing plans designed for new technologies vary a lot, as they target a variety of different customer profiles. Private individuals and professionals do not face the same issues, they have different means at their disposal and different ways to envisage and use new technologies. This explains why we have had to adapt in order to use the most appropriate channels and carefully chosen strategies at every stage of this highly specific promotional approach. It is a part of our mission, and we are delighted and proud to have brought our own touch to promoting products that define their time.

Our collaborations with these brands are among our most proud achievements: they were fascinating campaigns and we engaged in them with genuine pleasure.