Providing a better experience for customers is what every company dreams of. That's why the RevolutionR teams go beyond to offer you events that match your ambitions.

Our vocation: generate media potential for your brand. Company seminars, conferences, roadshows, promotional tours, exhibitions and stands, product launches… the possibilities are endless.


Technical. Creativity. Impact.

With renowned expertise in video game events, our creations aim to be avant-garde and audio-visual.

For your peace of mind, events are technically mastered, freeing you from all constraints: we believe there are no problems, only solutions at RevolutionR. We have tools that promote digital amplification: social walls, livestreaming, interactive quizzes, sharing boxes… These are simple activations, capable of giving life to your event by giving it a connected dimension. Audio-visual production, amplification on social networks, invitations to journalists and influencers, press relations… we ensure maximum dissemination of your event.

In concrete terms, what do we do?

At RevolutionR, we produce events that go beyond the IRL.


We always suggest impactful events with high media potential.


We propose a story and scenography that implement the latest technologies, as well providing high-quality technical solutions.


We manage the event's editorial team from A to Z, such as designing the event, writing content, offering media training, carrying out interviews and interventions, plus moderating sessions and round tables.


We promote digital amplification of the event through simple, fun and connected activations.

How does it work?

Organising events is good. Going even further in organising events is even better.

Audio-visual production

Audio-visual production

Amplification on social networks

Amplification on social networks

journalists and influencers

Inviting journalists and influencers

Press Relations

Press Relations

Psst! You know what?

We like to move, but we also like to think