stategic advice

Today, to boost reputation and maximize commercial performance, every company must establish a strategic marketing and communication plan to stand out from the crowd.

At RevolutionR, we can help you set this up. In the programme, we aim to define and implement action plans, in parallel to addressing your marketing and communication challenges. The goal is simple: to support your ambitions of growth and long-term development. It may sound like common sense – but that’s not only where we can make a difference.

Strategic advice

More awareness and growth, but how?

That's where we come in. At RevolutionR, to implement your communication strategy, we prioritize alternative tools that are less expensive than advertising, but just as effective.

Between press and influencer relations, digital and content production, we know how to amplify your messages by activating the right levers, at the right time.

Experts in media editorial needs, we manage interview techniques, media language, information priorities, and the highlight the key to a good speech.

In concrete terms, what do we do?

With our experience, we work on your reputation with a mixture of processes, techniques, advice and good ideas, which are simple but can change everything.

Strategic advice

We analyse the founding values of your brand, your place in the market, your competitors and the benefits you offer.


We give voice to your messages to reach your top targets, using press relations, iinfluencers and digital.


We support managers who wish to develop their skills and keep up with a changing world.


We pass on our knowledge and expertise to help you with your media appearances.

How does it work?

Experts in editorial approaches and media outreach, we utilise a set of tools and techniques that we have mastered to a tee.


Interview techniques


Media language


Prioritizing information


Identifying and integrating the key elements to a good speech

Media training

Media training and crisis communication

Psst! You know what?

We can also produce your content