Press Relations

At RevolutionR, we benefit from our connections to a large media network in France and internationally. This allows us to identify the right journalists and influencers to relay and amplify your messages in an optimal way.

Do you need us to produce your content? No problem, we’re here to help you with that too. To address any challenges in generating and distributing your content, we design your press releases, press kits, conferences, events or videos to reach your targets and engage your communities. More than 1,500 TV broadcasts, 1,500 radio broadcasts, 9,000 press releases, and 15,000 web releases… in one year, that’s what the RevolutionR teams can generate.


Influencers: your best ambassadors

If you have specific needs, we have the right solutions.

We propose a panel of influencers that perfectly match your expectations. We regularly collaborate with influencers, while working to expand our network daily, so we can offer you the most suitable collaborations you need. Do you want to get your name out there internationally? We have developed a network of correspondents beyond our borders.

In concrete terms, what do we do?

Amplifying your messages to major national, international and regional media, such as television, radio and print, not to mention influencers on social networks, is one of our core strengths.

Press Relations

We define together a strategy for your communication and propose a personalised and relevant editorial line.


We identify the right journalists and influencers to relay and amplify your messages.


We take information to where it is needed and where it will have the most impact to maximize impact.


We support you in crisis management, through the definition of a strategy, operational support and media training.

How does it work?

To achieve your objectives, we utilise the best tools to design, produce and distribute information.

Monitoring and analysis

Monitoring and analysis


Database of 95,000 journalists


Database of 1,700,000 influencers

Other databases

Other databases

creation tools

Creative tools Bee Pro, Canva & Adobe

Psst! You know what?

We know digital too