RevolutionR teams have one thing in mind: to create solutions that work and match each client's expectations. To feed communities with creative stories without ever telling a story. To activate brands that stand out in a world where everything looks the same. To move in the right direction and make sense of everything we do together. That's the RevolutionR spirit.
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What does this mean in practice?

PR agency, alternative communication consultancy, influencer agency… We are a multi- faceted hybrid agency, capable of constantly reinventing itself to take on all types of terrain. Are you interested in regional desirability, sports, CSR, and new technologies? Good news, so are we.

Technically speaking, we have several strings to our bow and several arrows to reach your targets. Are you looking for an agency capable of providing you with strategic advice, content production, press relations, digital or events management? Join the RevolutionR reflex. We are well surrounded to manage a multitude of challenges. Internal talents and external partners, we are RevolutionR.

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To write the most engaging stories, we always focus on our clients' DNA and existing content: their roots, humanity, products, values, news, their reason to be... All these areas feed our creativity and embody their uniqueness.

Gilles Broise, General Manager & Co-founder, RevolutionR

Thierry Auzet

President and Co-founder
Gilles Broise

Gilles Broise

General Manager and Co-founder

John Poix

Associate Director

Mélanie Jourdain

Accounting and Administrative Manager

Marina Rajaonarivo de La Croix

Project Manager

Press Officer

The Revo team

Passion, ambition, culture, backgrounds, expertise... in our company, it’s the difference of each individual that promotes creative and human wealth. Here, collective intelligence feeds the individual, and vice versa. Here, team spirit is not just a feature. Here, we raise the bar for our clients and we love it!


Yelena Charton

Press Officer

Jules Rodride

Press Officer

Press Officer


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