Despite a shift towards digital, we still consider the power of traditional media coverage a priority » Gilles Broise, CEO and Co-founder of RevolutionR.

Our business has not changed much over 20 years. Let’s say it has evolved with and through digital. At RevolutionR, we capitalize on our clients’ DNA and existing content to create the most engaging stories, whether they are about the company’s roots, its human capital, its products, its values, its current events or what it stands for. All this data feeds our creativity and embodies its uniqueness. We then always find something to spread through all channels, via journalists and social networks.

If the content we need does not exist, we create it. Writing, producing photos, illustrations, videos or events… as the digital world becomes more and more agile, we produce more and more micro content to address different communities.

As the boundaries between public relations, marketing, social media and digital are becoming increasingly blurred, our best PR offerings are no longer linked only to traditional media but can also include social media management, content marketing, influencer marketing and SEO link building.

We may have to mix PR and influencer campaigns, social media management and paid campaigns, content marketing and SEO creation… In short, any communication agency must be able to adapt and reinvent itself each time, to bring the most relevant answer possible to its client.

For us, content marketing is a fully-fledged PR offering, with dedicated teams working on the creation of editorial, visual and audio content. We build a content strategy for internal and external communication.

Despite a shift to digital, we still consider the power of traditional media coverage a priority.

We care about the volume of audiences generated by our actions, but we also believe that engagement is a key metric to prove the value of our work, “we love to blow up our clients’ servers…”.

Let’s hear some feedback from Benjamin Devienne, founder of PiePacker.

“I was very surprised to see how incredibly powerful television still is. During its daily news programme, GROUPE M6 (national French TV), kindly talked about Piepacker and even found and interviewed some of our users! This had a great impact on our traffic and within minutes we    were literally flooded. The spike was so high that we first thought we were being hacked (DDoS). We are super happy to see that all these users returning and seemed to have a lot of fun with their friends on PiePacker. Thanks to RevolutionR for helping us make this possible.”

Jérôme Bono, Marketing and Communication Director for the Ile des Embiez (the leading economic player in tourism in the Var)

“For more than four years, RevolutionR has accompanied the Ile des Embiez in its media relations. Beyond the progression of the results season after season, it is a pleasure to work daily with the teams, on whatever the subject. Listening, creativity, reactivity, strength of proposals and good humour form a recipe for success.  It is with complete confidence that we have recently developed our partnership in content creation. I have noticed that the TV medium, and more precisely large formats such as “reportage” on TF1, allowed us to multiply traffic by 15 times on our website for 24 hours, after only the first broadcast.”

These are only a few examples from clients, but we wanted to mention a few is to create jealousy for those not mentioned… Or perhaps we could mention some of the major trend-setting events, such as winter and summer mountain visits, the entry of video games into family living rooms, sports that have made it to the Olympics, the inversion of the water consumption curve versus that of soft drinks, the urgency of plastic pollution in the oceans… At RevolutionR, the whole team is proud to have contributed to these major changes in consumer behaviour.

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