In the communications industry, the current pandemic will not remain an accident in history. The lifestyles of the French and the country’s economy have been profoundly affected.

The decline in advertising market is real, while the evolution of the media audience and the number of visits to content publishers’ sites and applications is on the rise.

These are long-term developments that are taking shape. Press and public relations remain dynamic and active.

Producing content with high added value to be distributed in press relations, as well as in social media, newsletters and forums, is an evolution of the communication profession that will mean new transformations.

When dealing with the press or influencers, finding the right story and getting their attention in a positive way is a job that cannot be underestimated.

The other invisible part of the business is the trust established with the recipients of this content. It is more important in the current context to maintain a solid relationship with journalists and influencers.

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